RM4150S RM4151S Rectifier Monitor


Bullhorn RM4150/51S Remote Monitor

NEW! S Series Bullhorn RM4150/51S Surge-hardened Cellular Remote Monitor. This new cellular-based, reliable, two-way RMU monitor now provides unrivaled protection against surge and is ideal for rectifiers, tanks, and well casings. Surge-hardened to withstand the most extreme environments. 

The new S Series Bullhorn RM4150/51S helps you monitor critical data points including AC and DC volts, pipe-to-soil potential, shunts, instant off and accumulators. The new RM4150/51S enables you to:

  • Monitor, configure, interrupt and initiate instant off readings remotely.
  • Get accurate readings of AC and DC voltage with 1 percent of accuracy throughout the range. 
  • Rely on a remote monitor built to withstand harsh environmental elements, including extreme temperatures and surge events.


Why Choose RM4150S or RM4151S?

  • Remotely Operated – Measurements are automatically uploaded to Bullhorn Web which, along with the mobile application, can be used to change a configuration, take a measurement,
    control interruption and initiate instant off readings.
  • Reliable Interruption – Patented influence and interference technology and GPS-synchronized interruption are available at time of purchase or as a field upgrade.
  • Rugged – Bullhorn remote monitors survive the harshest of conditions, with built-in surge protection and for enhanced safety against surge events, a high-energy surge arrester or
    SurgeProtect Kit can be added.
  • Accurate – AC and DC voltage with 1 percent of reading accuracy all the way through the range. For example, a 1 mV measurement will be accurate within ±10 microvolts. Every
    measurement is automatically calibrated and zeroed. Find and fix small problems before they become big ones.
  • Instant Alerts – You’ll never have to worry about an unknown problem with your unit since you can configure text or email notifications that will immediately inform you about high-priority situations like a low battery or unusually high consumption rates.
  • Integrated Compliance Solution – We provide a complete end-to-end system to prove regulatory compliance. Bullhorn’s field measurements are easily imported into PCS™ Compliance software, and integrated into reports.

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