American Innovations Awarded Patent for Innovative Digital Voltmeter

Voltmeter Specifically Designed for use in Cathodic Protection Environments

AUSTIN, TX— November 19, 2018 - American Innovations, Ltd. (AI) was recently issued a patent for its innovative digital voltmeter technology (American Innovations product number 26582-000), resulting in the most advanced digital voltmeter ever developed for the cathodic protection (CP) industry. CP applications typically require measurement of low-amplitude DC voltage in the presence of high-amplitude AC noise. While typical off-the-shelf voltmeters are designed to reject unwanted signals, the conditions of a CP environment can often exceed the capability of these voltmeters, resulting in degraded accuracy of the desired measurement.

AI's digital voltmeter technology includes a high input impedance of 100Mohm, minimizing measurement error in areas with high soil resistivity. Additionally, the measurement circuitry includes a variety of filtering and averaging components for rejecting high-amplitude AC and other miscellaneous noise, all configurable using AI's application software installed on the Allegro QX™ Field Data PC. Novel signal conditioning techniques, implemented in both the analog and digital domains, make AI's digital voltmeter technology capable of acquiring measurements of interest amid undesirable signals that can dominate CP environments.

“Our developers have made substantial improvements, specifically addressing the unique difficulties gathering accurate CP measurements. I think this patent solidifies our position in the market as an innovator of CP-specific solutions designed around years of industry experience,” said Ed Kruft, President of American Innovations.

In addition to its advanced measurement circuitry, AI's digital voltmeter technology includes a GPS receiver for synchronization of measurements with interrupted close interval surveys (CIS). Furthermore, the mechanical design can stand up to the physical demands of daily use in the field. With design considerations for shock, vibration, and water ingress, users can be confident their high-accuracy measurements will be available regardless of the environmental conditions.

AI's digital voltmeter technology improves the accuracy and reliability of measurements in challenging environments. More accurate and reliable measurements, achievable under the most demanding physical conditions, translate to better business decisions and more confident protection of people and the environment.

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