Allegro Training

Want to learn how to maximize your efficiency while conducting a CI or periodic survey? From setting up your route through downloading your information into PCS we will give you the tools to become Allegro experts too. Training can cover any or all of our solutions and can be scaled for delivery to any number of people in a variety of methods:

  • At our facility in Austin
  • At a location of your choosing
  • Via webinar

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Working with you, we create comprehensive training that delivers the information you need, where you need it, when you need it. Let us help you have all of the knowledge at your fingertips to take full advantage of your Allegro.


Location Options

  • Web-Based
    • Typically a single four-hour session. These can be one-on-one or with a larger group via GoTo Meeting. The trainer will work with you in advance to outlines specific functionality to cover or as a general introduction for new users. This is a valuable method to utilize as a pre-training session when rolling out a new version. It allows a quick refresher for existing users, as well, once survey season kicks back in. The most cost-efficient training option.
  • Austin, TX – General Training
    • These events are held multiple times during the year and offer a reduced cost per day. The training is delivered at our main office in Austin, Texas. The event is open to multiple users and companies and covers general, basic training for either Pipeline Compliance System (PCS) v7.x or Axis versions. A great collaborative opportunity to meet others in your industry.
    • To help you manage your costs, we've negotiated special rates with these hotels near our Austin office.
  • Custom Event – At your location
    • While a more expensive per-day option, this method does offer a way to both customize the date and location, as well as, the topics. For custom events, we do limit the attendance to 14 users per trainer. Our trainer works with you in advance to determine an agenda that provides you the skillset necessary for your compliance database. As an introduction for new users, a best practice is to utilize a web-based user interface walk-thru to gauge user capability and then schedule a custom event if necessary.