American Innovations Training Services

Use our customized training to get the most out of PCS and Bullhorn remote monitors. We offer online sessions as well as in-person training at your site, or at our training facilities in the Austin and Denver metro areas.

Training Services

PCS Training

Our PCS training helps basic users develop the skills they need to successfully collect, analyze and report on compliance data. For advanced users, our trainings will help with establishing workflows and processes that will improve efficiency across your organization.

Allegro Training

Become an Allegro expert with trainings that show you how to do everything from setting up your route to syncing your data to PCS.

Bullhorn Training

Bullhorn training will help you develop a better understanding of how to install, use and maintain your Bullhorn products both physically and through our cloud-based tool, Bullhorn Web.

pipeline training facility

Develop Skills that Stick

Get hands-on experience at every Austin-based training

American Innovations Training Services

Our Austin-based PCS, Allegro, Bullhorn and MicroMax trainings now include hands-on experience at our new pipeline survey training facility, which features:

  • A rectifier with a GPS350 attached
  • Three test points and one riser flange that are all equipped with RFID tags
  • A junction box for anode readings
  • A Triton triple-coupon test station equipped with an RM4210

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