Spatial Data Services


Spatial Data Services

Enhance your facility data with rich spatial content for more complete records and advanced analysis

Complete data is essential to taking a proactive approach to risk management, preventative maintenance or regulatory compliance. Rich and accurate data enables more informed and better decisions. The map on this page shows various types of pipelines, high-voltage transmission lines, and parcel data that American Innovations can provide at a lower cost due to close working relationships with our data partners. Our overall spatial data service offering includes:

  • Targeted spatial data
  • Upstream, midstream and downstream insights
  • Compliance database improvements

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Why Purchase High Quality Spatial Data?

  • Targeted spatial data – With the help of our partners, we offer targeted spatial data that helps enhance compliance and reduce risk. These data sets include: rigs, permits, active wells, leasehold acreage, EUR and IP data, landownership parcels, building structures, lightning strikes, soil characteristics, oil and gas pipelines, and high voltage electric power lines (for AC interference).
  • Upstream insights – Easily view competitor acreage holdings, recent permits, active rigs, existing pipeline and facilities infrastructure, and land ownership information.
  • Midstream insights – Know your competitors' locations, blocked-up acreage holdings, expiring acreage, active rigs, and permits. Additionally, calculate class and HCA areas or gain landowner information that will help you manage right-of-way challenges.
  • Downstream insights – Easily update landownership records and evaluate risk based on class.
  • Compliance database improvements – Directly update landownership records into your compliance database for more comprehensive records.