PCS & RIPL Implementation Services


PCS AXIS & RIPL Implementation Services

When deciding on a compliance database solution such as AI’s Pipeline Compliance System (PCS AXIS) software or a mission-critical risk management application like our Risk Intelligence Platform (RIPL), there are a lot of considerations to make. American Innovations works closely with customers during this decision making process and then during implementation to understand their goals and provide a way to accomplish their vision.

  • Coordinate business unit needs with IT department requirements
  • Provide project management to achieve timeframes
  • Initial installations through enterprise-level system expansions

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What Are Implementation Services?

From reviewing basic system requirements to upgrading a 100+ user software solution, American Innovations technical team provides a variety of implementation services. Most customers utilize us when they are initially outlining their needs for either our Pipeline Compliance System software (PCS AXIS) or our Risk Intelligence Platform (RIPL) to help coordinate the business unit needs with their internal IT department requirements. This may consist of simply working through minimum specifications and initial software installations or could be replacing an existing system with our solution. The latter may require months of planning, project management and testing. Our team has the expertise to assist no matter how large or small your user-base or needs may seem.

The implementation services team also provides guidance when upgrading existing software, as well as, expanding user licenses or modules. Incorporating additional compliance data types such as Atmospheric Corrosion or Close Interval Survey inspection data to an existing database may require our services. We assist in aligning those data types with your existing data hierarchy to ensure things are ready for your next round of inspections.