Pipeline Risk Assessment Module


Pipeline Risk Assessment Module

Risk Rank Assets, Determine Factors, Prioritize Mitigation

Quantifying and managing risk is the core function of any pipeline Integrity Management program. How a company goes about fulfilling that mandate, however, can vary from company to company and even within a company. From simple threat screening to advance probabilistic modeling, RIPL’s powerful and flexible modeling capability allows an operator to choose the right approach to assess, manage and mitigate risk to your company’s single most important physical asset – the pipeline. RIPL's Pipeline Risk Assessment module helps you:

  • Risk rank your assets based on your risk approach
  • Quickly determine factors driving your risk
  • Prioritize your preventative and mitigation measures

Why Choose the Pipeline Risk Assessment Module?

  • Powerful Data Integration - Accommodates wide variety of distribution and operator pipeline data and minimizes time spent acquiring, organizing and validating information.
  • Facilitates Compliance– Supports regulatory compliance and provides audit path from source data to final.
  • Aligns Data–Manages inspection data throughtime. Visualization of multiple anomaly features with reports, linear graphing and GIS.
  • Risk Assessment & Analysis – Threat-screening analysis and quantitative/qualitative risk rankings for prioritization & monitoring of inspection activities.

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