MAOP/MOP Compliance Module


MAOP/MOP Compliance Module

Prove Your Operating Pressures are in Compliance

Our module for maximum allowable operating pressure / maximum operating pressure compliance makes it easy to prove that your operating pressures are safe, documented, verifiable, traceable, and aligned with current and future PHMSA regulations. With transparent and rule-based valuations, clear reports, and integration with other RIPL modules, it gives you the ability to strike a balance between optimal operation and the cost management expected of an effective integrity management program. With this module, you'll be able to:

  • Identify pipeline segments that are noncompliant due to lack of documentation
  • Quickly understand how to become compliant
  • Include MAOP/MOP noncompliance as part of your regulatory risk assessment
  • Identify under-performing pipelines
  • Increase throughput
  • Improve your top line

Why Choose the MAOP Module?

  • Dynamic Segmentation - Quickly see the lowest-rated MAOP or MOP segment along a pipeline component.
  • Rule-based Approach to Compliance - Pinpoint why a pipeline is or isn't compliant
  • Logic Transparency - Easily demonstrate that input data, algorithms and logic rules follow regulations like 49 CFR parts 192 and 195
  • Data Visualization - View pipeline compliance on a map and supplement it with other information, like HCA data.

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