In-Line Inspection Management Module


In-Line Inspection (ILI) Management Module

Quicky Analyze the Results of ILI Surveys for Optimal Decisions

The Risk Intelligence Platform's (RIPL) In-Line Inspection Management Module assists with ILI compliance regulations and helps you dig smarter. Analyzing the results of ILI surveys is critical to your pipeline integrity and risk management program. Using this module helps you:

  • Adhere to ILI regulations like 49 CFR parts 195.452 and 192.933
  • Schedule your next assessment activity
  • Prioritize anomalies
  • Optimize your budgets for remediation and reinspection

Why Choose the In-Line Inspection Module?

  • Regulatory Compliance  Manage your ILI data according to regulations like 49 CFR 195.452 and CFR 192.933, industry best practices, and in-house requirements.
  • Anomaly Management – Track your anomalies from the discovery phase through evaluation, inspection and repair..
  • Technical Justification– Make more informed decisions by aligning your ILI data with pipeline centerline and stationing, and by supplementing it with data from other inspections, like close interval or ACVG surveys.
  • Budget Optimization – Use anomaly growth and reassessment interval analyses to make decisions that will optimize your reinspection and dig budgets.

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