Facilities Risk Assessment Module


Facilities Risk Assessment Module

Easily see which facilities along your pipeline have the highest risk of failure

A pipeline system is an engineering marvel composed of thousands of complex mechanical components that ensure natural resources are safely and efficiently transported from well head to the consumer. Pumps, compressors, storage tanks, pressure vessels, meters, pig launchers, and valves are just some of a vast array of facilities along a typical pipeline system. Just like your pipe, these facilities are at risk of failure for which risk must be quantified and mitigated. RIPL’s Facilities Risk Assessment module is designed for integrity managers and engineers to keep critical assets operating without incident and the product flowing.

  • Risk rank all or a subset of your facilities components
  • Quickly determine factors driving your risk
  • Prioritize your maintenance activities

Why Choose the Facilities Risk Assessment Module?

  • Models based on industry standards and more – Our models are based on industry standards such as API 580, API 653, and ISO 14224, regulatory reporting requirements and our 20 years of experience in the oil and gas industry.
  • Flexible Input Model – Allows creation, mapping and importing of data from any data source such as spreadsheets, asset management systems, and NDT device outputs.
  • Reporting and Query Capabilities –Allows engineers to build reports for operations and maintenance manager's review. The risk model and/or new design and performance data can then be updated with annotations to improve the accuracy of the model.
  • Scenario Capabilities – Allows an integrity engineer to copy input data sets, change the data within the copied data sets and then rerun the risk model against the changed data – without impacting the baseline data set and model results.
  • Compare and rank components – By risk score and drill down into the risk drivers for the ranked components.

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