PCS Viewer


PCS Viewer

Analyze Periodic Survey Data Files From Your Allegro Field Data PC

The PCS Viewer application lets you use a Windows laptop or desktop to analyze periodic survey data files created using an Allegro. You’ll see historical and current data on a graph and grid for quick field diagnostics.

  • Preview surveys before sending them for review or committing them to your database, even if you don't have a full PCS license. Access surveys in your truck, hotel or office, with or without an internet connection.
  • View historical and current data on a graph and grid
  • Go mobile with PCS Viewer’s touch-enabled user interface to ensure better usability for Windows tablets
  • Read any Allegro survey data file and send historical data with .DAT survey files for off-line comparison in the field

Why Choose PCS Viewer?

  • Easy Access to Allegro Survey Files – Use a Windows mobile tablet or PC to thoroughly review survey files before leaving the site or committing a completed survey to your PCS database.
  • Off-Line Comparisons of Historical Data – Send historical data from PCS with Allegro .DAT survey files for easy in the field off-line comparisons.
  • Efficiently Review Data – Complete your review easily using tabs, a filtering function and search capabilities that are intuitive and consistent with the PCS data grid.
  • Define Access to Your Data  Display files in a read-only manner, so your data will be reviewed according to the restrictions originally defined in the survey.

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