PCS Spatializer


Pipeline Compliance System™ (PCS) Spatializer

Visualize and analyze any location-based pipeline, facilities, risk and PCS data to improve overall data accuracy, routing efficiency and provide the critical information needed for actionable decision-making across multiple departments.

PCS Spatializer works with PCS AXIS software to visualize and analyze any location-based pipeline, facilities, risk and PCS data on a map in a variety of ways. The ability to see asset data on a map allows easy identification of otherwise hidden trends, pinpointing areas for further investigation, optimizing routes, cleaning up inaccurate data and more. Read on to learn how PCS Spatializer lets you:

  • Visualize any pipeline data with a Latitude/Longitude coordinate or a street address
  • Print PDF maps in two clicks
  • Improve inter-departmental communication by expanding access to compliance data for non-PCS users

Why Choose PCS Spatializer?

  • Visualize and Analyze Any Location-based pipeline, facilities, risk and PCS Data on a Map - See patterns and trends in overall pipeline health for more informed business decisions. Map PCS data types such as: cathodic protection technician routes, read vs. not read for annual surveys, test point intervals, remote monitor inspection status and more.
  • Improve Data Accuracy - Find missing data, correct inconsistencies and identify specific areas for further investigation by correlating and visualizing various data points.
  • Print Asset Maps - Maps illustrating key data points are ideal for pipeline planning, analysis, asset acquisition, ROW determination, navigation and more. 
  • Enhance Communication - Spatializer gives non-PCS users insight into the data collected in PCS to assist with their compliance and asset management efforts.
  • Manage User Roles - Ensure that Spatializer users receive the correct permissions for optimal security and proper system maintenance.

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