PCS Hosted Services


PCS™ Hosted Services

Painless Managed Hosting and Configuration of Pipeline Compliance Software

Our Hosted Services give you an easy way to use PCS software, a secure, accurate database of record that gives you the power to manage corrosion programs across your entire network and capture, analyze and report on critical pipeline and facility data. Let us host PCS and access your software anywhere with internet access without a dedicated IT team or infrastructure. Plus, the software is automatically updated with each new release, so you’ll have instant access to the latest features. Benefits include:

  • Easy access to PCS software and pipeline and facility data
  • A dedicated PCS SQL database
  • Significant reduction in company IT support
  • Effortless updates and superior uptime

Why Choose PCS Hosted Services?

  • Get Your Data Anywhere, Anytime with Optimized Data Sync - Login to PCS from any personal computer with internet access. Citrix® ensures superior PCS performance, even in low bandwidth areas with older personal computers.
  • Reduce Dependence on IT - You’ll decrease the time database administrators spend on update implementations and maintenance by up to 60%.
  • Get Back to Your Core Business - Let our dedicated support team handle the back-end system tasks while your team can get back to what they do best – managing and protecting oil and gas assets.

    Let Us Host PCS

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