Cathodic Protection Data Manager


Cathodic Protection Data Manager

Improve scheduling, streamline field surveys and speed audit preparation

Find the CP data you need, right away, with the Cathodic Protection Data Manager – a module of our PCS compliance software. With an array of features including robust reporting functionality, it lets you easily manage your cathodic protection data all from a central database that you and your team can access from the field or the office. It lets you:

  • Report on specific pipeline segments or your entire system
  • Build more efficient survey schedules
  • Troubleshoot issues from the field
  • Share data with other departments
  • Reduce audit prep time

Why Choose the Cathodic Protection Data Manager?

  • Improve reporting – The cathodic protection data manager lets you see all of your CP data in one place, whether you import it from paper, spreadsheets or the Allegro QX. This means you can always make informed decisions using the latest data for any facility you manage.
  • Build better schedules – In a few clicks, see which facilities failed compliance criteria or are due for a reinspection, and incorporate them into a survey schedule.
  • Empower your field techs – Make it easy for techs to see what information they need to gather and let them view PCS from the field for easy troubleshooting.
  • Share data – Give your colleauges the data they need through direct integration to PCS or custom reports.
  • Reduce audit prep time – The custom reports in PCS let you easily generate the information that federal or local regulators will want to see during an audit.

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