Atmospheric Corrosion Manager


Atmospheric Corrosion Manager

Get more objective survey results and build schedules faster

Use the Atmospheric Corrosion manager – a module of our PCS compliance software – to associate photos with inspection records in minutes, or instantly if you use the Allegro QX. This feature, among others, lets you make your atmospheric surveys more objective and improve productivity. Read on to learn how the ACM manager lets you:

  • Get more from the photos you take during your atmospheric surveys
  • Make your surveys more objective
  • Build survey schedules in minutes 

Why Choose the Atmospheric Corrosion Manager?

  • Get more from your photos – Associate photos with inspection records instantly if you use the Allegro QX or through a drag-and-drop interface if you take the photo with a different device. We also offer services to help you bring your existing photos into PCS so you can start reporting on them right away.
  • Make your surveys more objective – Use photos to see how a facility has changed over time, making your assessments more objective. You can also include images in your inspection reports and add validated fields that make it easier for surveyors to determine what constitutes good, fair or poor condition.
  • Build survey schedules in minutes – The atmospheric corrosion manager will calculate which surveys are due in a given year based on regulatory requirements, delinquencies, locations, past survey results or other factors. Then it will spread the workload out over the course of the year so that, in a matter of minutes, you can see exactly which surveys need to be completed in any given week or month.

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