Survey Manager


Concentric Survey Manager

See your data, in context, at-a-glance

Designed for surveyors and survey processors who need to completely trust the data they've collected, Survey Manager speeds surveys, optimizes mitigation efforts and prevents rework. This web-based software tool:

  • Reduces the time and effort required to collect, validate and assemble survey data
  • Makes it easy to compare historical and enhancement data on a map, enabling more informed mitigation decisions that reduce the risk of unneeded digging
  • Allows you to view your survey data in a format that's easy to interpret, and then share it with others using the Survey Manager reporting module
  • New features and benefits with every automatically updated release


Why Choose Survey Manager?

  • Verify survey results before leaving the site – Survey Manager makes it easy for surveyors to verify or correct stationing for indirect surveys; verify indirect survey notes and anomalies; compare survey results with historical data and track survey progress.
  • Seamlessly integrate with your other systems – The ability to export data in multiple formats makes it easy to put the final survey results into PCS or a different database of record, a risk management system, and/or a GPS system.
  • Take advantage of the cloud – A cloud-based deployment means that Survey Manager is always accessible via the web, nearly infinitely scalable if needed, and easy to deploy without much help from your IT department.
  • Add photos to your inspection records – Few things facilitate communication as well as a picture. Survey Manager allows crews who use the Allegro QX and PCS to visually document why an area was skipped, identify potential anomalies, or uncover other issues.
  • View data on a map – Geospatial data alignment means you can simultaneously see your survey data in a table and on a map, making it easier to identify trends, issues or mistakes.
  • Get a second opinion in seconds – Survey Manager makes it easy to get second, third, and fourth opinions by aligning historical and contributing data with the survey you just took and allowing you to share the results with others in real time.
  • View survey data your way – Survey data reversal, rubber-banding, shifting and appending features let you adjust, assemble and view data easily, and in the manner required by your organization or customer. Then you can use the Survey Manager reporting module to create a report that reflects your configurations in just a few clicks.
  • Track changes automatically – Keep track of what changed, when and why so you can explain your methodology to auditors or anyone else who needs to know.

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