SRM100 Soil Resistivity and pH Meter


SRM100 Soil Resistivity and pH Meter

Capture soil resistivity and pH with a single probe

The SRM100 simultaneously measures soil resistivity and pH in less than two minutes, letting you work faster, improve accuracy and lower costs.

  • Multiple probe options: select a bell hole probe, subsurface probe or both
  • Eliminate errors due to miscalculations or incorrect probe spacing and depth
  • Save on groundbed installations by spending less time setting up measurement equipment

Why Choose the SRM100?

  • Work faster – An SRM100 can curtail the time it takes to complete AC tower pylon inspections, certain ECDA surveys, or other assessments. That's because traditional readings with a four-pin process can take up to 20 minutes whereas the SRM100 measures soil pH and resistivity simultaneously in less than two minutes.
  • Improve accuracy – The single-probe configuration eliminates errors due to miscalculations or incorrect probe spacing and depth.
  • Lower costs – The SRM100 helps you save on groundbed installations by enabling your crews to spend less time setting up measurement equipment and more time digging.
  • Choose from three probe options – Each SRM100 comes with one or more probes. You can choose to include a bell hole probe, a subsurface probe, or both.
  • Trust your readings – Digital circuitry allows for repeatable readings with improved accuracy, and the unit's two-line display is easy to read in most light conditions.
  • Protect your investment – No matter which probe configuration you choose, your SRM100 and probe(s) will be housed in a crush-proof, water-resistant case for protection from the elements.
  • Calibration Services - Ensure accurate, consistent measurements and avoid unscheduled downtime by calibrating your SRM100 every 12 months. Calibrations include a calibration certificate that you can present to your auditor upon request and a factory cleaned probe sensor.

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