RM4211/RM4251 Remote Monitors


Bullhorn RM4211 and Bullhorn RM4251 Remote Monitors

Capture AC & DC voltage measurements with our most adaptable Bullhorns to date

The RM4211 and RM4251 accurately monitor critical oil and gas assets in a variety of cathodic protection (CP) applications including coupon test stations, bonds, decouplers, and solar-powered rectifiers. The key difference between these two units is RM4211 uses satellite communication, and our new RM4251 uses cellular communication. They both capture a range of measurements including: AC/DC Pipe-to-Soil, instant-off, shunts, rectifier Volts and Amps and more.  A combination of a long-lasting battery and satellite or cellular connectivity means the RM4211 and RM4251 give you access to you reliable, near-instantaneous communication. 

The RM4211 and RM4251 provide:

  • Three high-voltage analog measurement channels that work across a variety of applications.
  • Easily accessible data for diagnosis, monitoring, and optimization, via Bullhorn Web
  • A streamlined design that's simple-to-install, easy to maintain and a cost-effective data plan. 

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Why Choose the RM4211 or RM4251?

  • Versatile – The RM4211 (satellite) and our new RM4251 (cellular) facilite remote monitoring across a range of applications including: coupon test stations, bonds, solar-powered rectifiers, decouplers and more. Their design allows for
    IR-free instant off readings from a coupon for annual interrupted surveys. They can be mounted on any 3” riser or rectifier. These RMUs can measure up to 100 V on a rectifier or low voltage on a test point application. Ensure Cathodic Protection (CP) effectiveness by recognizing asset failure. Program alarm criteria and alert notifications using Bullhorn Web.
  • Powerful – No power, no boat, no helicopter, no problem! Their long-lasting battery life (up to 10 years) combined with satellite or LTE Cat M cellular connectivity means these
    RMUs can be used in very remote locations like swamps, mountains and private land where cell signal and power sources are not available.
  • Efficient & Cost-Effective - Streamlined features deliver all the general-purpose CP applications you need, cost-effectively. Their components, including antenna, are internal for easy transport and installation. They measure with one percent of reading accuracy all the way through the range with auto-calibration and auto-zero for every measurement. The measurements are automatically uploaded to Bullhorn Web for
    diagnosis, monitoring and optimization. Contact your sales person to learn about their cost-effective data plans. 

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