RM1250 Gas and Liquid Meter Monitor


Bullhorn RM1250 Remote Monitoring Unit for Meters

Get the reports you need to invoice faster and more accurately

Designed for measurement professionals who manage distribution service meters or transmission LACT meters, the RM1250 remote monitor provides reports that your company can use to generate revenue by:

  • Invoicing customers more accurately
  • Identifying performance issues or theft
  • Reducing billing cycles
  • Quickly resolving billing disputes

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Why Choose the RM1250?

  • Insights that improve billing – Continuous access to meter data means that you can always generate highly accurate reports that help improve invoicing. For example, you’ll be able to easily see when a customer is consuming more gas than usual and make sure they’re being billed accordingly.
  • Around-the-clock data access – The RM1250 uploads your data to our cloud portal, Bullhorn Web, which you can use to configure your device or run reports anytime, anywhere.
  • Hands-off management – The battery on this unit will last approximately five years, even if it’s transmitting a reading every day. Combine that with remote configurability and fully internal components that are difficult to damage, and you get a unit that your crews rarely need to visit.
  • Data protection Bullhorn Web reliability stores data for 18 months, giving you the ability to view trends over time without setting up data stores or backups. It also includes a back-end system for disaster recovery, so your data is always safe.
  • Instant alerts – You’ll never have to worry about an unknown problem with your unit since you can configure text, email or voice notifications that will immediately inform you about high-priority situations like a low battery or unusually high consumption rates.
  • Easy integration Bullhorn Web allows you to export data in Excel or CSV formats so you can upload it to your gas measurement databases as needed.

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