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Get Hands-On Experience at our New Pipeline Survey Training Facility

The American Innovations headquarters in Austin now features a 104-foot training pipeline.


What used to be a section of woods is now a pipeline survey training area, thanks to our construction crew and about a dozen AI employees who pitched in to bury and connect the 4-inch-thick, 104-foot-long, fusion-bonded-epoxy coated, steel pipe. The fun isn't over for this group: In early 2018, we'll get to work on adding a pipe crossing and a galvanic anode.

The Facility

The pipeline survey training facility currently features:

  • A rectifier and GPS350 current interrupter
  • Three test points and one riser flange that are all equipped with RFID tags
  • A junction box for anode readings
  • A TRITON triple-coupon test station equipped with an RM4210

Learning Events

Beginning in 2018, we'll incorporate the pipeline survey training facility into our Austin-based PCS, Allegro, Bullhorn and MicroMax trainings. Hands-on training activities will include taking readings with the Allegro, installing Bullhorn units, and setting up interruption surveys using the GPS350. As we add to the facility, we'll expand our trainings to address IR interference and other common scenarios.

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