End of Life Policy

American Innovations makes every effort to support and service our products for as many years as possible. There are several reasons products may reach the end of their life cycle, including availability of components or technologies required to service the product. With that in mind, we have set our end-of-life policy to help you manage an end-of-life transition and understand how we can help you migrate to updated product alternatives.

Product Release
American Innovations will make a product generally available to you on its Release Date. After the product’s Release Date, we will provide technical services in accordance with our Technical Support and Maintenance Terms and Software Subscription Agreement.

End of Life Announcement

An End of Life announcement marks the beginning of the End of Life process of the product lifecycle. American Innovations will post the status of the product on our End of Life Replacement page and send an email communication. We encourage you to visit the End of Life Replacement page regularly to understand the lifecycle of your products.

End of Sales
An End of Sales date marks the time at which the product will no longer be available for purchase.

Last Day of Repair (Hardware)
A Last Day of Repair Date marks the time at which the product will no longer be serviced. This date can move in depending on component obsolescence.

End of Life
End of Life means the date when all support will end for a product. 

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• This End of Life Policy does not apply to third party products. If American Innovations discontinues the provision of a third-party product, it will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide its customers with reasonable advance notice of such discontinuance and replace the discontinued third-party product with another product containing substantially similar functionally.

• For information on product support, please refer to American Innovations Technical Support and Maintenance Terms and Software Subscription Agreement.