What Does Service Mean?

We are driven by a passion to serve our customers. We serve others before ourselves. Leadership is a responsibility, not a perk.

Yes, this value means customer service.  Of course, Service means we care deeply about the customer. We don’t sleep well if the customer is not completely satisfied. Not just because the customer pays our bills or because the customer is always right. The customer isn’t always right. We do this because we don’t know any other way – it’s in our DNA; we couldn’t care more about the customer if we tried. If our customer fails, people can get hurt, the environment can be harmed, and we can’t let that happen.

Service also means putting others first.  We drop anything we’re in the middle of to help an employee or customer (or a vendor or shareholder – anyone in our family). Our people put the needs of others above their own. They are selfless. Again, we do this because it is in our DNA. We look for selfless people to work here, and there aren’t enough of them in this world. In our business, if you want freedom and responsibility, if you want success and opportunity, you’ll think about others before you think about yourself. Help someone else succeed, and whether you are recognized for it or not, you will be rewarded.

We believe in servant leadership.  Our leaders must see leadership as a responsibility and not a perk. Our leaders care for others and help them succeed. They give away praise and accept responsibility for failures. They remove roadblocks and no task is beneath them in the service of others. Our leaders don’t sit on their perch and have their minions do their bidding. They actually do stuff. If you’re in this for a title, if you just think of stuff for others to do, you won’t be happy as a leader here. Leadership is an honor, a privilege, and a deep obligation. This is called ‘servant leadership’ and it is a requirement of our leaders.

Service requires humility.  Robert Greenleaf, the father of servant leadership, said: “Most institutions and people could use a good measure of humility. Humility is one of the distinguishing traits of the true servant – as willing humbly to accept service as to give it.” If you are not humble, you cannot serve, and you won’t fit in here.

We don't serve profit.  We serve our customers, each other and our communities. Profit is the result of what we do and not the reason we do it.

We don’t have this value to impress our customers. We do this because it’s right and it’s good and we can’t help it. As Helen Keller said: “Many persons have a wrong idea of what constitutes true happiness. It is not attained through self-gratification but through fidelity to a worthy purpose.”