What Does Heart Mean?

How we treat others will define our true success. We genuinely care about our customers, colleagues, suppliers, and communities.

How you play the game really does matter. None of us is going to be around forever. When you look back on your life, how do you want to be remembered? As a decent person who worked hard for a great cause and helped others, or as someone who only cared about winning and personal success? We want to work with good people who accept, respect and help each other, and not with people who are selfish, closed-minded and mean.

We work for a worthy cause. Our people are not just in this for a paycheck and our company is not just in this for a profit. Our customers have an important mission: to safely manage our energy infrastructure – to protect people and the environment while delivering the energy we need to fuel our lives and businesses. This is an important mission – bad things happen if our customers don’t do this well. Our mission is to help them accomplish their mission efficiently. Many of the things we do result in great customer successes. Those drive us to do better.

We make tough decisions with a heart. Sometimes we have to make tough decisions in our business. That does not mean we don’t care. We give people every reasonable chance to succeed. That does not mean we don’t demand performance. We need to make difficult decisions to thrive. We need to make a profit to build a healthy business, but we will not maximize that profit on the backs of our colleagues, vendors, customers or the environment.

We look for win-win situations. We believe it’s possible to make money, be nice, play fair and make the world a better place. We don’t have to choose whether to make money or be decent people. For example, helping our people be healthier helps them live longer and happier lives and also keeps the company’s health care costs down and improves productivity. Look around you – there are all kinds of ways you can help people and help the business at the same time.

We care about the whole you. We are genuinely concerned about your physical, emotional and financial well-being. We want to help you get better relentlessly. We want a culture of learning, curiosity, and open exchange of ideas. We want our people to be better for having been a part of our mission, beyond just what they take home in pay and benefits.

When you’re with us, you’re family. Heart is sending flowers when one of our team is sick. It’s supporting each other’s causes. It’s finding a way to get a free plane ticket to an employee who lost a loved one. It’s picking someone up after a defeat and helping to celebrate a success. It’s bending company policy when circumstances warrant it. It’s treating others like family.

All the profit in the world won’t buy you a soul. If you’re in it for the long haul like we are, if you need experienced people who sincerely care about the customer, you’d better have heart.