Tradeshows, Conferences, and Events

If you would like to meet with one of our subject matter experts at any of these events, email us at info@aiworldwide.com 

October 4-6 (Monday-Wednesday) NACE Eastern Area Conference  Product Manager David Gautier will be presenting "Bad Data, Bad Day: Stop Data Corrosion Before It Happens." Booth #104

October 5-8 (Tuesday-Friday)  American Gas Association Operations Conference 

October 12-14 (Tuesday-Thursday) API Storage Tank Conference

October 17-19 (Sunday-Tuesday)  Corrosion Technology Week 

October 17-19 (Sunday-Tuesday) Southern Gas Association Annual Conference

October 19 (Tuesday) Cut the Cord with PCS Wireless Syncing – free webinar with David Gautier
PCS Compliance Software, PCS Survey Manager, and Cartopac Cathodic Protection

Are you ready to cut the cord? Learn how wireless syncing with PCS 2.2, PCS Survey Manager, and CartoPac Cathodic Protection lets you visualize survey data and monitor survey status in near-real time. Know who's working on what surveys, verify your field data before committing to your database of record, and more.

November 1-4 (Monday-Thursday) Louisiana Pipeline Safety Conference

November 7-11 (Sunday-Thursday) American Innnovations Users Group Conference: Monitoring the Future