Integrity Management Services

For more than twenty years, we have provided data integration, integrity management, and regulatory compliance services. Our customers include some of the largest pipeline companies in the world. Our knowledge of pipeline and facilities integrity management is reflected in our people, our software, and our services.

  • Risk Analysis
  • High Consequence Area (HCA) Analysis
  • Valve Placement Analysis

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HCA Analysis Services

  • Compliance Solution
  • Expert HCA Analysis
  • Risk Assessment & Analysis
  • Powerful Tools
  • Relentless Support, Training and

Our team of GIS analysts and pipeline integrity engineers have conducted HCA analysis for over 60,000 miles of liquid transmission pipelines – the equivalent of traversing the United States more than 20 times. We have also conducted HCA analysis for over 22,000 miles of gas transmission pipelines and done spill modeling for hundreds of above ground storage tanks.

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DOT Compliance Services

  • Gap Analysis
  • Audit Assistance
  • Custom Services

When you engage American Innovations to provide DOT Pipeline Compliance Services, you’re getting more than just a review of your manuals and procedures. We offer experienced pipeline consultants who combine our unique suite of field data collection, pipeline compliance and risk software solutions with decades of experience navigating regulatory change in the field and office.

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