Let us help with your toughest integrity management projects and you'll be in good company. Over the last twenty years, we've been trusted by some of the largest pipeline companies in the world.

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High-Consequence Area Analysis

Let us help with your HCA analyses. Our integrity engineers and GIS analysts will give you a clear view of how an incident on your pipeline system could impact environmentally sensitive areas.

Risk Assessment

Give your risk assessments the attention they deserve by engaging our team. We'll apply models like L1 simple threat screening, L2 relative indexing, and L3 probabilistic risk. Then we'll help you understand what your risk scores mean and we'll recommend ways for you to proactively mitigate failures.

DOT Pipeline Compliance Services

Find the areas in which you're open to a DOT citation, improve your procedures or conduct a mock audit with the help of our DOT pipeline compliance services.

Valve Placement Analysis

Reduce your spill potential and high-consequence area impacts by engaging our team to help you make sure you're placing the right valve in the right location.

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DOT Pipeline Compliance Services

Our DOT Pipeline Compliance Services include gap analysis, gap follow-up, audit assistance, and custom services. Depending on your needs, we provide you with:

  • Clear guidance on what DOT regulation and compliance trends mean for your company
  • Straightforward reports and engaging trainings that your field and office staff will remember
  • Smooth interaction with federal and state inspectors to protect your privacy while gathering the information needed to make sure your operations comply with new regulations

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