Survey Viewer


Survey Viewer

The PCSTM Survey Viewer application lets you use a Windows laptop or desktop to analyze periodic survey data files created using an AllegroTM Field Data PC. You’ll see historical and current data on a graph and grid for quick field diagnostics.

  • Preview surveys before sending them for review or committing them to your database, even if you don't have a full PCS license. Access surveys in your truck, hotel or office, with or without an internet connection.
  • View historical and current data on a graph and grid
  • Go mobile with Survey Viewer’s touch-enabled user interface to ensure better usability for Windows tablets
  • Read any Allegro survey data file and send historical data with .DAT survey files for off-line comparison in the field
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Survey Viewer gives CP supervisors and technicians an easy way to view Allegro survey files in the field and office. An alternative to viewing surveys on the Allegro field computer, it can be installed on your laptop or desktop using Microsoft ClickOnce technology. With Survey Viewer, you can: 

  • Use a Windows mobile tablet or PC to thoroughly review survey files before leaving the site or committing a completed survey to your PCS database.
  • Send historical data from PCS with Allegro .DAT survey files for easy in the field off-line comparisons.
  • Complete your review easily using tabs, a filtering function and search capabilities that are intuitive and consistent with the PCS data grid.
  • Display files in a read-only manner, so your data will be reviewed according to the restrictions originally defined in the survey.
Feature Benefit
Shows survey data before it's entered into PCS Identify incorrect or incomplete survey readings before leaving the area or importing them into PCS
Allows data to be navigated using tabs, a filtering function and search capabilities Analyze your survey data quickly and efficiently
See historical survey data on a graph or grid Get the current and previous survey data you need to make critical business decisions
Displays survey data files on a Windows mobile tablet or PC View files using a tablet or a full-size display
Presents survey details in tabular format that's similar to the PCS data grid If you're a PCS user, you'll have a minimal learning curve when you begin using Survey Viewer
Installation and upgrades use Microsoft ClickOnce technology Survey Viewer is easy to install and update
Offline availability View your survey data with or without an internet connection
Survey Viewer is compatible with:
Any desktop or laptop running Windows 7
PCS Axis version 1.9 and newer
PCS v7 version 7.6 and newer
Allegro software version 5.2.4 and newer