GPS360 Current Interrupter


MicroMax GPS360 Current Interrupter

Power through 60 hours of interruption with an integrated battery and relay

Throw the GPS360 in your truck and you'll be able to interrupt any facility on your route, even bonds and other facilities that don't have a power source. Weighing in around three pounds, it's easy to carry and, like all our MicroMax products, it's ruggedized so you don't have to worry about damage if it gets bounced around, rained on, or dropped. Features include:

  • A built-in, rechargeable lithium battery that provides at least 60 hours of interruption
  • An integrated solid-state relay
  • Dimensions small enough to fit inside most rectifier cabinets
  • An embedded display and keypad for onsite programming
  • The ability to interrupt up to 100A

Why Choose the GPS360?

  • Convenience – The GPS360 weighs in around three pounds and is one-fifth the size of competing models with similar features, making it incredibly easy to transport and able to fit inside most rectifier cabinets. With an integrated keypad and LCD screen, it's easy to use too. Just program it directly or choose from one of the nine interruption programs you can build into the unit, and you're ready to go.
  • Flexibility – With the GPS360, you have options. In cases where you need more than 60 hours of interruption, you can connect it to an external power source. It also offers a flexible interruption schedule that lets you interrupt in continuous, daily dated, and interference modes with interruption on/off cycles up to 999.9 seconds in 0.1-second increments.
  • Reliability – The GPS360 includes a normally closed solid-state relay that provides continuous CP even if the interrupter loses power. Surge events aren't a problem either since the GPS360 comes with an optically driven relay that protects it from surge damage. In the case of a power loss, it will automatically continue its interruption program once power is restored. And its GPS synchronization feature means that your survey won't be affected by temporary GPS signal loss.
  • Accuracy – The synchronization functionality in the GPS360 keeps it synced with other interrupters or interruption-enabled Bullhorn units for maximum survey accuracy. You can also set it to interrupt the instant when the AC crosses zero instead of using a GPS reading. Finally, our engineers developed specialized technology so that the GPS360 synchronization schedule will account for leap seconds. Like leap years, these are a rare occurrence but with the GPS360, you don't have to worry about them affecting the accuracy of your survey.
  • Performance – Compared to a mechanical relay, the integrated solid-state relay in the GPS360 requires low control current while providing faster cycle times and cleaner transitions. Plus, transient voltage suppression allows for switching of much higher currents than would be possible with a mechanical relay.
  • Compatibility – The GPS360 works with external relays, with Bullhorn remote monitors, and with remote monitors from other vendors.

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