TRITON Triple Coupon Test Station


The TRITON® is the first coupon test station on the market to offer technically sound AC and DC coupons along with a stationary reference electrode in a package that can easily be installed independent of test station location. The package also includes coupon designed to accurately measure AC current density. Every feature, from the heavy duty test switch to the bonded zinc anode terminal, is designed to make the TRITON durable, easy to install, and easy to use.

Coupon test station for:

  • AC and DC current density
  • AC and DC pipe-to-soil
  • Native pipe-to-soil

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The TRITON® coupon test station combines three different coupons and a reference electrode so that all cathodic protection and AC interference measurements can be taken using a single integrated package. The package includes a 100 cm2 “Test” coupon to measure on and instant off potentials, a 100 cm2 “Native” coupon to measure true native potentials, a 1 cm2 AC coupon to accurately determine AC current density and a stationary reference electrode to provide IR free coupon potential measurements.

Key Benefits:

  • Form factor – All measurement-related components are integrated into a single package, making transport, inventory management, and proper installation easy.
  • Ease of installation – The coupon test station includes AC and DC coupons and a reference cell in an integrated package that’s simple to install, regardless of where the installation site is located. The primary and secondary pipeline connections are pre-installed.
  • Accuracy – The TRITON uses a 1 cm2 AC coupon to represent a relatively small coating holiday. It’s important to use a coupon that approximates the size of the holiday so that small measurement errors are not magnified when the current density is calculated. Also, native potential measurements are extremely accurate as the native coupon is never polarized.
Feature Benefit
Clearly labeled faceplate Makes field measurement easy
Recessed plug type terminals Prevents accidental contact with energized pipeline
Heavy duty “Mil-spec” disconnect switch Provides durable connection
1 cm² AC coupon Accurately measurings AC current density
Custom external markings Makes identification easy in the field
AC Coupon: 1 cm²
Test Coupon: 100 cm²
Native Coupon: 100 cm²
Reference Electrode: Stationary Copper / Copper Sulfate
Length: 6' 6"
Diameter: 3"
Lead Length
Structure Primary Lead: 30 ft. #6 AWG THHN Oil and Gas Resistant
Structure Secondary Lead: 30 ft. #6 AWG THHN Oil and Gas Resistant
Probe Lead: 30 ft. #14 AWG THHN 5 Conductor



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