RM4211 Remote Monitor


Bullhorn RM4211 Remote Monitor

Capture AC & DC voltage measurements with our most adaptable Bullhorn to date

The RM4211 accurately monitors critical oil and gas assets in a variety of cathodic protection (CP) applications including mid-point test stations, bonds and solar powered rectifiers. The RM4211 captures a range of measurements such as: AC/DC Pipe-to-Soil, instant-off, shunts, rectifier Volts and Amps and more.  A combination of a long-lasting battery and satellite connectivity means the RM4211 gives you access to your data reliably, even in hard-to-reach areas without cell coverage.

The RM4211 provides:

  • Three high-voltage analog measurement channels that work across a variety of applications.
  • Easily accessible data for diagnosis, monitoring and optimization, via Bullhorn Web, no matter where you are.
  • A streamlined design which is simple-to-install, easy to maintain and cost-effective.

Why Choose the RM4211?

  • Versatile – The RM4211 facilitates cost-effective remote monitoring across a range of applications including: mid-point test stations, bonds, and solar powered rectifiers. The RM4211 can capture measurements like: AC/DC Pipe-to-Soil, instant-off, shunts, rectifier Volts and Amps. The RM4211 provides IR-free instant-off readings from a coupon for annual interrupted surveys.
  • Accurate – The RM4211 measures with one percent of reading accuracy all the way through the range with auto-calibration and auto-zero for every measurement. It is capable of measuring up to 100 V on a rectifier or low voltage on a test point application.
  • 24/7 Data Access – Satellite connectivity ensures your data is always accessible from any location.
  • Easy to Install – The RM4211 does not require a power source and can be mounted on any 3” riser or rectifier. The monitor’s components, including antenna, are internal so it is easy to transport and install, and less likely to incur damage.
  • Reports – Quickly identify problem areas and ensure CP effectiveness using flexible reports generated from Bullhorn Web.

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