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Bullhorn Web

Manage your remote monitors from anywhere

Use Bullhorn Web to manage your Bullhorn remote monitors and analyze the data they collect, no matter where you are or what time it is. It's cloud-based, so you don't have to install anything, and we update it quarterly so it's always getting better. It makes your workday easier by letting you:

  • Start your day with a system health check
  • Troubleshoot issues remotely
  • Adjust interruption schedules in a matter or minutes
  • Configure automatic text or email alerts about any critical issues
  • Automatically sync Bullhorn measurements to your compliance database

Why Bullhorn Web?

Always be informed – See the status of any monitored asset 24/7, day and night, via a web browser or mobile device. If there’s an issue with a monitored asset, Bullhorn Web will automatically notify relevant personnel via phone call, text, web alert, or email.

Keep everything in one place – You can easily import filtered Bullhorn data into PCS where you can use it to run compliance reports. You can also export it into common file formats for use with other applications.

Manage your Bullhorn units easily – Complete common tasks all from one page and, with two clicks or fewer, select a subset of Bullhorns and send a command or schedule interruption for all of them.

Keep your data safe – Cloud-based Bullhorn Web ensures that your data is always available and that it's accurate, backed-up and stored redundantly.

See for Yourself

Whether you're a current or prospective Bullhorn customer, you can get a glimpse into the application by downloading a collection of screenshots that showcase some of the newest, most useful features in Bullhorn Web. Then, if you're a current customer, you can login and try it out. If you're not yet a customer, contact us to learn more.

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