Allegro Field Data PC

The Allegro Field Data PC is a must for companies in the oil and gas pipeline industry.  By combining instrumentation and DOT CFR 49 Part 192 and 195 compliance-specific software into one integrated tool, the Allegro improves both the productivity and accuracy of a company’s integrity management program.

The Allegro applications support periodic surveys including: facilities, leak, atmospheric and valve. Allegro supports indirect surveys including: Close Interval (CI), Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG), Alternating Current Voltage Gradient (ACVG), Alternating Current-Current Attenuation (ACCA), and Soil Resistivity.

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Allegro MX Field Data PC

  • Rugged, reliable, proven
  • Integrated DVM & GPS
  • 100% compatible with PCS

Using this rugged, handheld tool, corrosion technicians collect Cathodic Protection (CP) data, GPS coordinates and other pipeline field data, then transport and download this information directly into a data management system.  Additional data processing and analysis functions have been integrated into the unit, allowing for the manipulation of data while the user is still in the field.

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Featured Product

Allegro Accessories

  • Survey Equipment including data canes, probes, wire packs, chainers, and harnesses.
  • RFID Reader & Tags
  • Cases & Batteries

AI offers a complete line of survey accessories for the Allegro from data canes and survey probes to RFID readers and tags to rugged cases and replacement parts.

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