Allegro Field Data PC

With an integrated camera and digital voltmeter, the Allegro Field PC lets you seamlessly capture survey information and send it to PCS.

"It makes it easier now that we're using the Allegro because you can go out and get your readings, go home in the evening or go into the office, dock your Allegro and download your material. No more paperwork. It makes it a lot quicker and easier." 

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Field Data PC

Allegro QX – Our latest field data PC delivers a glare-resistant color display, a high-performance battery, a tactile QWERTY keyboard and other features designed to help you assess facilities, leaks, atmospheric conditions and valves.

RFID Technology

RFID Pen and Tags – Bundle your Allegro with our RFID reader and tags for instant, verifiable proof of every site visit.

Allegro Accessories

Our Allegro accessories include power supplies, RFID equipment, data canes, trays, hip packs, survey probes, DVMs and cases.

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