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Allegro: What can I do if the Allegro will not power up?

If the Allegro will not power up, try the following solutions:

Check the battery and charger.

Verify the battery has enough charge to power up the Allegro. Also verify the charging cable or docking station provides sufficient power to charge the Allegro. Use a voltmeter to verify the voltage output of the battery is at least 3.6 volts. If the voltage output is less than 3.4 volts, you may need to purchase a replacement battery. To help maintain the battery, plug the Allegro (or power dock) in a power source when not in use, such as each night and weekend.

Reset the software (warm reboot)

To perform a warm reboot, press and hold the On/Off power button for 5 to 7 seconds. Press Reset when the Power window displays.

Allegro Power Screen

Reset the hardware and restore the software (cold reboot)

To perform a cold reboot, press and hold the On/Off power button for 20 seconds. When the Power window displays, continue pressing the power button until the Allegro resets automatically. The display will then flash and the Allegro will begin reloading the operating system.

If a cold reboot does not solve the problem, turn off the Allegro and then disconnect it from any external power source (wall charger or power dock). Remove the battery pack inside the Allegro. After at least 30 minutes, reinstall the battery pack and then plug the Allegro in an external power source. Charge the battery for at least five minutes and then turn on the Allegro.

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