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RIPL: How to Create a Risk Heat Chart


Using a heat chart is an easy way to find the components with the highest risk. This article describes how to create a risk heat chart within RIPL.


To create a risk heat chart in RIPL:

    1. Select the components you want to include in your analysis. (Make sure click the blue check  !)
    2. Select the risk evaluation for the Risk of Failure (often called ROF in many RIPL databases), this will bring up the analyzed data grid, ensure that the model state is green  which means the analysis has run with the most up to date information and configurations within RIPL.
    3. There are a couple of ways to produce the risk heat chart, the easiest detailed here is to select the COF and LOF index columns within the grid by left clicking the top of the COF or LOF then shift+left click the other column. Then at the top of the screen on the toolbar hit matrix chart.
    4. This should automatically bring up the matrix chart within RIPL. Normally it should automatically have the colors or heat portion of the chart. If not try right clicking the chart and changing both the X-Axis and Y-Axis to four divisions.
    5. Each dot on the heat chart represents a dynamic segment within the Risk of Failure evaluation the more to the right and the higher up the chart the more risk. Clicking on a dot will bring up a dialog box with information for LOF, COF, ROF score as well as the component the segment is on as well as its linear referenced location.


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