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PCS v7: How to Create a Survey Folder


If you find yourself asking “Where is my 20xx survey folder?” this tip is for you. Every year, a new survey folder is added manually by either an administrator or a user. If you synchronize with a server, you will need to complete this action from your master database or contact your system administrator. If you do not synchronize with a server, or you are working from your master database, you can follow the steps below.


    1. Start by selecting Data Entry from the main menu
    2. Select Survey Folder Maintenance to view the previous survey folders. If your company utilizes a 12-month schedule between surveys, the menu should look similar to the screen shot below.
    3. When creating a new survey folder, PCS will always default to an annual survey for the year following the last annual survey folder you have created. If you are creating special surveys or multiyear surveys, you would edit the Survey Name, the Start Date (unless it happened to be the start day you really want for the new survey) and, in the case of multiyear surveys, the Survey Frequency. Once the Start Date and Survey Frequency are edited, the End Date will recalculate. Here is an example of a mixture of Annual Surveys, special surveys, and multiyear surveys:
    4. From the Survey Folder Maintenance menu, select New to create a new survey folder. PCS will create and name the new folder for the next subsequent year. The survey folder will inherit the Survey Frequency (months between surveys) from the previous folder. Click Close to apply the changes. Note that this is for two way synchronization only. Replicas will need to synchronize to gain the new survey folder. 



Caution: If this message appears when attempting to add a new survey folder from a replica, you will need to log into your master database or contact your administrator in order to add a new survey folder.

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