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PCS v7: Attach or Link a Document


This topic describes how to attached a “Facility Linked Document” in PCS v7.x.


  1. Add the “Facility Linked Documents” field to the data grid
  2. Select the record you want to add the document to
  3. Right click on the field and click on “attach” document


  1. Click on “Attached Document” (This screen shot shows the attach document window)


  1. Select “Document” or “Web Site Address (URL)” If you select “Document” you will need to enter the path where the document will be stored. 6
  2. Select “Web Site Address (URL)” (You will need to put in the URL where the document is stored)


In v7.x the documents are linked only from a centralized location and with PCS Axis version you have a choice to embed or link the documents. For the PCS Axis version of this document, please review this article: PCS Axis: Attach or Link a Document

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