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PCS v7: Allegro Error 11 Resolution Steps


This document will help you install and use the tool developed to fix the error 11 received when importing .dat files. The conflict is due to the enhanced file indexing with Allegro MX v5.2.4. This creates a compatibility issue with older versions of PCS (7.5.1 and older) when the user is not granted the rights to create a new facility on the Allegro. If the user is granted this right, then no error 11 is expected and import/export continues as normal.

*Note: An additional solution is to revert the Allegro unit back to v5.0 to avoid the additional processing step described below. For questions, please contact the Allegro support team at 1-800-229-3404, extension 1, option 3 or

Directions Installing the Tool

1. Download the zipped EXE here:

2. Extract the EXE and place it in your PCS Application folder

3. Create a folder to store the .dat files that need to be fixed

4. The first time you run the EXE, you will need to point to the folder you created in step3 by clicking the ellipsis button (see screenshot below)

Using the Tool

1. Launch the EXE, and hit Run

2. Choose the file(s) that needs to be fixed and click Fix Selected Files

3. The files that are fixed will have “- FIXED” added to the file name

4. Save the fixed .dat files to your local computer, and import into PCS using the standard Allegro File Receive process.

If you have any questions about the process above, please feel free to give us a call at 800-229-3404 option 1, then press 2 or via email at

Support Options

800-229-3404, select 1, then press 2

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