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Allegro: How to Capture an Allegro Screen Shot in the Field


This will help you to save a picture of what you are currently viewing on your Allegro screen.


Option 1 (Allegro MX and CX): When viewing the graph on the Allegro, click the "Save" Button and assign a name (eg: “Graph 1.txt”). Remarks may be added if there is something to report, but they are not equired.

Allegro Waveform for Screen Capture

Allegro DVM Waveform for Capture Remarks

    • The graph will be saved as a TXT file and can be opened in Excel.

Allegro File Log

    • Copy the files to the local drive and then open in Excel.Excel File List

Option 2 (Allegro MX only):

    1. Download the Ilium Software Screen Capture shareware software to capture a screen capture of the graph (or anything else) from the Allegro with a single screen tap.
    2. After downloading Ilium, start the program on the Allegro.
    3. Use the "Options" menu to define the key used to take the screenshots. The "Options" menu in the Ilium Software Screen Capture program allows users to choose which key to press to take the screenshots. This menu will have different choices depending on the device. For a Windows Mobile Classic device like Allegro MX, key choices are called Button 1, Button 2 and so on. All possible hardware buttons are added to the list. Select a button, and then test by pressing buttons until a screenshot is taken. Turning the Allegro sound on allows the user to hear that the shot has been captured.
    4. Leave the program open - do not hit the Exit button yet.
    5. Take the screenshots. If sound is on, it will trigger a camera "click" noise when the screen is captured.
    6. To stop the program, open it again and hit the Exit button. 6. Find your screen captures in the "My Documents" folder on the Allegro.

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