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Bullhorn: Why is my battery low or not charging?


Issue: the RM4010/4011 has a low battery or is not charging.


Any of the following issues may be the cause of why your Bullhorn may not be charging correctly:

  • The battery is old and needs to be replaced.
  • The charger is not putting out any DC volts.
  • The charger is putting out a voltage that is too low to charge the battery.
  • The fuse is bad on the unit.
  • The charger wires were connected with the wrong polarity.
  • The unit is over reporting and the charger cannot keep up with the drain on the battery.
  • The unit is damaged and needs to be sent in for evaluation.

Use any of the following options to troubleshoot a battery issue:

  • When the power supply output is over 12 volts DC and the battery is not charging over 12 volts DC, the battery needs to be replaced.
  • If you are not seeing 12 volts DC at the unit's DC input, then the charger needs to be checked to see if it is attached to a 120 or 240 volt AC source. If it is, the charger is bad and needs to be replaced.
  • Remove the phoenix connector from the unit, and measure the DC voltage without it being connected to the unit.   If the voltage is not over 12 volts, check the battery.
  • Check the fuse to make sure it has not blown.  Power the unit off when removing or replacing the fuse.
  • If you see 12 volts DC at the unit, make sure that the polarity is correct; black wire on the left, and red wire on the right.
  • If a unit is reporting more than expected, the battery could be draining faster than the charger can recharge the battery.
  • If all previous steps have been performed, and a new battery will not hold a charge, the unit will need to be sent if for evaluation.

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