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Allegro: Sort the Site List by GPS Proximity


Sorting the Site List by GPS Proximity increases efficiency for users surveying parallel pipelines or non-linear sites. Examples include pump/compressor station yards, gathering lines and distribution systems. By using this organizational tool, a user can move through an area with multiple survey points and Allegro will display what the next closest survey point is. When surveying among parallel pipelines, there may be several test stations on the ROW. By using the GPS proximity, users can easily determine which test station belongs to which pipeline.


To sort by GPS proximity, follow the steps below:

    • Select View > Site List

  Periodic Survey Selection Screen

    • Tap Options

Allegro Site List Screen 2

    • Select GPS proximity for the Order sites by option

Allegro Periodic Survey GPS Proximity

    • The Site List will display the site by GPS Proximity from your current location. The distance to the site will be shown for each site in miles.

Allegro Periodic Survey by Proximity

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