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Bullhorn: How do I orient the satellite dish?

Bullhorn geo-synchronous satellite units (RM401X and all units that end in -SAT) have a satellite auto-switch selection feature that will automatically select the satellite with the best signal. These satellites are generally over the equator with one being along 98 degrees lattitude (south of Austin, TX) and the other along 65 degrees lattitude (south of Puerto Rico). For the best signal strength, orient your satellite terminal generally in these directions.

Bullhorn: Interpreting Signal Strength Values

How do I interpret numeric RSSI (receive signal strength indicator) values displayed in the UCT Communication Settings field?

Bullhorn: What is the Bullhorn Voice hotline phone number?

The toll-free Bullhorn Voice hotline phone number is (866) 287-6739.

Bullhorn: Why is my RM4010/11 not interrupting?

The following issues may cause a unit to not interrupt or stop interrupting: No relay is installed. GPS antenna is not connected to the unit. Unit is not getting enough power. Switch Out connection on unit is not putting out enough volts DC to the relay. Interruption information in UCT is incorrectly configured.