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Bullhorn: Changing Measurement Schedules for the RM4210

Bullhorn: End User License Agreement

We grant you one license to install and use this software. If you do not agree to the following terms of this license, please uninstall and remove this software.

Bullhorn: Establishing an FTP Site to Link Data in Bullhorn Web and PCS v7

If you choose to link data in Bullhorn Web and PCS v7 using a FTP server that’s not hosted by American Innovations, you will need to work with your network administrator to establish an FTP site that’s configured correctly.

Bullhorn: How to change the Power Fail alarm setting

The Power Loss default setting when shipping from American Innovation is for after 60 continuous minutes of no power and then again after 5 continuous minutes of power being restored. This article will describe the steps for you to extend either of those time settings for as long as 24 hours.

Bullhorn: Why is my battery low or not charging?

The RM4010/4011 is getting a low battery or is not charging

Bullhorn: Why is my battery low or not charging?

Bullhorn: Why is my RM4010/11 not transmitting?