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Allegro: GPS Status Error

Allegro: How do I delete old survey files?

Allegro: How to acquire a sub-meter GPS coordinate

Allegro: How to Capture an Allegro Screen Shot in the Field

This will help you to save a picture of what you are currently viewing on your Allegro screen.

Allegro: How to Create Allegro MX F-key Shortcuts

Allegro: How to set Auto Save for the Allegro CX and MX

The Auto Save feature allows a hands-free way to protect your surveyed data just in case things occupy your time (or your hands) and you forget to press Save.

Allegro: How to Set Reading Capture Time

Allegro: How to set up the Allegro MX internal GPS for a DCVG survey

Allegro: How to set up GPS for DCVG survey

Allegro: Issues with Connecting to Computer

Allegro connectivity issues.

Allegro: Keeping Your Survey Data Synchronized

If you’re running version 5.2.4 of American Innovations’ software for the Allegro MX, PCS may be storing your survey data in the Allegro’s SD card rather than in the root directory. This can result in synchronization errors when you move data between PCS and the Allegro, regardless of which version of PCS you use. To permanently correct this issue, please follow the instructions below.

Allegro: Periodic Survey: Enable GPS with the F4 key

Before starting, verify that the Latitude and Longitude fields are in the upper pane of the survey per the picture below.

Allegro: Sort the Site List by GPS Proximity

Sorting the Site List by GPS Proximity increases efficiency for users surveying parallel pipelines or non-linear sites. Examples include pump/compressor station yards, gathering lines and distribution systems. By using this organizational tool, a user can move through an area with multiple survey points and Allegro will display what the next closest survey point is.

Allegro: Understanding NMEA Settings

Allegro: Waveform verification

Before starting an interrupted survey, technical service engineers recommend looking at the waveform on the AI DVM in order to verify that all the settings are correct.

Allegro: What coordinate system and projection does the GPS use?

Allegro coordinate system and projection used by the GPS.