Allegro Field Data PC™


The Allegro Field Data PC is a must for companies in the oil and gas pipeline industry.  By combining instrumentation and pipeline-specific software into one integrated tool, the Allegro improves both the productivity and accuracy of a company’s pipeline management program.

Using this rugged, handheld tool, corrosion technicians collect Cathodic Protection (CP) data, GPS coordinates and other pipeline field data, then transport and download this information directly into a data management system.  Additional data processing and analysis functions have been integrated into the unit, allowing for the manipulation of data while the user is still in the field.

Allegro can perform multiple tasks such as corrosion data collection and analysis, form data entry, data processing, as well as GPS coordinate line mapping.

Allegro Benefits:

• 100% compatible with AI’s PCS Software
• Ideal for Periodic and Close interval surveys using the integrated fully functional volt meter
• Ideal for AC Surveys and Timed Surveys
• DCVG module (voltage gradient & GPS location recording)
• Accurately loads and verifies test locations with RFID (Radio Frequency ID) reader
• GPS data collection and GIS data verification
• Intuitive and easy-to-use for all levels of corrosion expertise
• Range checking and validation lists to ensure accuracy of data


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Product Data Sheets

Allegro MX Field Data PC 
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

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